Elekto was created as part of an LFX internship for the Kubernetes project by Manish Sahani, and is now a CNCF infrastructure project.

100% GitOps workflow for configuration and election administration

100% Oauth-driven workflow for voters (no emails required)

Preference election voting (starting with Condorcet)

Secret ballots (untraceable back to voter)

Inspired by the long-running CIVS project. Elekto provides a modern way to run online elections.

Run Multiple elections

for the same organization

Elekto is designed to host multiple elections for the same group, including preserving a history of prior elections and outcomes. You can even run several elections concurrently.

100% Oauth driven

voter authorization

Avoiding the pitfalls of email-based ballots, Elekto instead uses a configurable Oauth login provider to validate eligible voters.

Get Started with Elekto

Contributions welcome!

We do a Pull Request contributions workflow on GitHub. New users are always welcome! Read more

Organisations using Elekto

Elekto Project is hosted and supported by the CNCF.